Our Menu

The woks are sizzling. The steam is rising. And we’re ready to lock in fresh flavors and cook up some positive chi! Our stir-fry dishes are quickly and gracefully crafted in our cooking utensil of choice—the wok—a traditional Chinese vessel with a rounded bottom that relies more on steam than oil. Wok searing seals in the juices, sauces and chi (energy) of the ingredients, while imparting a rich, smoky flavor and retaining the nutrients in our vegetables and proteins. Each stir-fry dish is individually customized and prepared fresh, just the way you crave it, every single time. Our dim sum—from our jioazi (steam-fried dumplings) and spring rolls to our pork buns and crab rangoon—is always fresh, hearty, made to order and fun to sample. Experiment with small plates, discover new favorites and create your own dim sum medley. It’s chi-licious!

Easy to navigate and packed with hundreds of flavor combinations, the Wok ChiSM menu has scrumptious choices for every taste. Select crisp veggies, natural proteins, dim sum, soups and desserts to create a vibrant, healthy plate, and let our Wok Masters work their magic! The result: a kaleidoscope of color in your bowl, which leads to a wealth of vitamins in your belly.