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A Fresh Spin on the Ancient Art of Wok Cooking

From the beginning, we imagined Wok Chi as a place for diners that want fresh and delicious food they can feel good about.

What’s in a name? Well, our woks cook your stir fry hot and fast so the freshness is always sealed in. And Chi is the positive energy you get from eating good food in a great place where you always feel welcome.

The Freshest Ideas in Stir Fry

Fresh just tastes better. That’s why the natural, preservative-free vegetables and proteins in each custom crafted stir fry are always fresh. You can taste the difference in every delicious bite.

Brain Food that Gets You Thinking.

When you dine with us, expect an uptick in your mood — a recharging of your Chi. It comes from knowing you enjoyed warm hospitality among friends who care about their community. And when you have more Chi, you’re inspired to share it with others.